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 Divine Malice


En Raga Sül is a no-nonsense, no-fucking-around pile up of thrash, hardcore and noise-rock that rarely lingers long enough to be casually cast as any. Think The Stooges jamming with members of the Melvins and Slayer: harsh, challenging, engaging and relentlessly dynamic…” – Metal Hammer

“Nearly every track wrings pure joy from menace, while rocking like a towering great bastard.” - Terrorizer

"...gritty, garage-y punk the way it's supposed to be played when you're not worried about how your t-shirt fits or what black metal records Johnny Hipster has in his collection that you don't...unbelievably sooty, dirt-caked riffs of Slayer, Lightning Bolt and Noxagt as transposed by the Melvins, the Jesus Lizard and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion...noisy excellence..." - Decibel

“Veering from attritional pounding riffs, vile screams and distorted vocals to more full-on, full-speed punk intensity, this is consistently ace stuff.” – Rock Sound

"Medusa harnesses the power of Slayer's most evil riffs and filter, twist, and abuse them via the record collector, nerdworthy triptych of Melvins, Lightning Bolt, and The Jesus Lizard. At times they are surprisingly melodic, other moments sound like they're trying to separate your arms from their sockets in order to use them as battle re-enactment swords, and sometimes they're trying to do both...there is definitely no fucking around." - Outburn

"Each riff is a dirt-encrusted, cracked diamond, rammed down our throats like a gimp's ballgag. Vocalist Scott VanBuren froths and screams in glee as it goes down...Medusa make raw, physical music, fit for dancing and involuntary auto-face-punching. Straight from the pit mine to the mosh pit." -

"After listening to En Raga Sül , I didn't know whether to raise my hands in victory or hang my head in defeat. Either way, I got my ass kicked. This band's moniker fits them well, as Medusa surely have all the makings of a mythological beast of legend." -

"...these guys assault Melvins-style doom with a nasty punk rock cockslap" -

"Medusa takes their idea of a heavy metal riff, and then just pounds the shit out of it for two minutes straight in a repetitive, thundering way. And I've got to admit, it's pretty awesome. These short bursts of songs are what keeps the album fresh and listenable." -

EN RAGA SüL takes you through a small medieval atmosphere where you seem unsure about everything around you, but there’s something peculiar keeping you from leaving. From shiny, screaming guitars, to distorted thrash metal riffs and drumming like a giant banging away on aluminum pots, this album is able to keep you on your toes as each track plays through with a forcible, menacing manner." -


We are Medusa from Bloomington, Indiana. Our debut cd/lp is called EN RAGA SüL and is now available from Hawthorne Street Records/BlueCollarDistro (in the U.S) and Monotonstudio Records (in Europe) as well as plenty of other distributors (see the Myspace page). Click on a link above to buy. If you want to contact us, please use our Facebook page or email us here:

Let the fuck fright shine.


4/21/13 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN (Record Release Show/Black Mass XXII)

1/30/11 @ Bluebird, Bloomington, IN w/3 Inches of Blood, Holy Grail & Mustache

2/10/11 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN w/Beast In the Field & We Are Hex

10/30/11 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN w/You Will Die & Hard Candy Hearts

3/10/10 @ The Bishop (Pit Stop Music Marathon), Bloomington, IN w/Zero Boys

6/6/10 @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL w/Pelican & Miracle Condition

6/8/10 @ Bluebird (Battle of the Bands), Bloomington, IN

7/13/10 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN w/Wizardry & Bezoar

7/14/10 @ Casa del Kotex, Indianapolis, IN w/Wizardry & Bezoar

7/27/10 @ Bluebird (Battle of the Bands), Bloomington, IN

8/10/10 @ Bluebird (Battle of the Bands), Bloomington, IN

8/26/10 @ Bluebird (Battle of the Bands), Bloomington, IN

9/18/10 @ 902s, Bloomington, IN w/You're A Liar

10/26/10 @ The Vollrath, Indianapolis, IN w/Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire & Summon the Destroyer

02/21/09 @ The Tip Top Tavern, Indianapolis, IN w/Coffinworm, Sleepbringer, Nidus

03/09/09 @ Jake's, Bloomington, IN w/Slam Dunk

03/20/09 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/We Are Hex (Record Release) & Pravada

03/28/09 @ Russian Recording Bloomington, IN w/Child Bite (Russian Recording 'We Just Call It Roulette, Vol.2' cd release)

05/26/09 @ Bluebird (Total Trash), Bloomington, IN

05/27/09 Local Live @ WFHB, Bloomington, IN

06/06/09 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/Order of the Black Hand & Slow Motion Enslavement

06/09/09 @ NowhereHouse, Baltimore, MD w/Indian, ILSA & Asthma Castle

06/10/09 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY w/Bloodhorse (record release show), Pollution

06/13/09 @ Upland, Bloomington, IN (RadFest) w/Bulletwolf, Mustache, Sob Sister, The Cocaine Wolves

06/18/09 @ Subterranean, Chicago, IL w/Millions, Sweet Cobra, Coffinworm

06/19/09 @ The Factory, Rochester Hills, MI w/Millions, The Summer Pledge, Noman

06/20/09 @ The Video Saloon, Bloomington, IN w/Millions, Slam Dunk

06/21/09 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/Millions, Nidus, YouWillDie

07/22/09 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/Mount Vicious

10/12/09 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN w/Wizardry

10/24/09 @ 902s Nightclub, Bloomington, IN w/Hail! Architeuthis, Heypenny, Andy D, and more

10/25/09 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN w/Demiricous, Coffinworm, YouWillDie (Benefit for Mat Arluk)

11/20/09 @ The 1511 House, Indianapolis, IN w/Deadmen, Disconnected, Kata Sarka, and more

11/01/08 Record Release Show @ The Cinemat, Bloomington, IN featuring ALUCARDA screening

10/27/08 @ Moria House, Indianapolis, IN w/Akimbo, Sweet Cobra, You Will Die

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